Why Epic Elopement?

Whilst planning my own epic elopement I spent a long time trawling the internet for what I assumed would be pretty basic information on how to elope. 

I struggled to find clear guidance on elopement legalities, spent hours searching for elopement specific suppliers and days worrying about everything from which shoes would be okay in the heat to how I would fit parasols in my luggage. 

On my return to England, everyone wanted to know how we did it. How did we keep our elopement secret? Where did I find our elopement suppliers? How did we pull it off with a low budget? So here is my version of events and hopefully, this will help others in my situation!

If you find something useful, want to share your own epic elopement experience or want to make your own recommendations then please get in touch! 
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Fancy a funky diner? Think the beach would be brilliant? Wedding in the water? All fine by me....

The joy of eloping is that you can do pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want. Many countries allow marriages to take place in unusual and beautiful locations or you can complete the legalities back home and hold a ceremony in your dream elopement location with a celebrant. 

We will be blogging about different destinations and inspiring you to travel more and live (and love) like the world is your oyster!
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