Motel in Las Vegas Wedding Photo

What is an Epic Elopement?

Around 1 in 10 weddings for UK residents takes place abroad and it seems the rise of the destination wedding is not slowing down. 
An Epic Elopement is when a couple decides that they want to get away from the traditional, do their wedding their own way and explore a fantastic location. Be that with a small wedding party or just the two of them. 

Check out the blog for spotlights on the most amazing elopement venues or let me know if you have an amazing elopement destination of your own!
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How do I have an Epic Elopement?

If you dream of having a vintage, new age, trashy, classy or just downright epic elopement you should check out our elopement packages! 
We provide inspiration and feature packages that allow you to have the elopement of your dreams. On the elopement blog, we have created a treasure trove of venues, photographers, and makeup artists in the greatest elopement destinations and you can get involved by sharing your favourites!

If you're looking for a location where you can easily plan your own Epic Elopement then find out more on the link below. 

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